Higher engine capacity means more robust engine with lesser load per ton on engine and hence longer service life. Maximum torque available at a lower engine and a significant range of flat torque improves engine performance with excellent fuel efficiency.

BS4 Engines12 m Metrolink13.7 m Metrolink14.5 m Metrolink
Power310 hp @ 1900 rpm360 hp @ 1900 rpm400 hp @ 1900 rpm
Torque1550 Nm @ 1100 – 1350
1850 Nm @ 1000 – 1300
2100 Nm @ 1000 – 1300


Scania Engines achieve BS4 emission norms by SCR treatment. SCR is a catalyst within the after treatment system that reduces the amount of NOx emissions from engine. A reductant solution (Urea/Adblue) is injected into the after treatment system. The uree decomposes into ammonla, which in trun reacts with NOx to form nitrogen and water in the catalyst. Adblue is stored in a tank with a capacity of 50 liters.

Scania comprises of more than 1600 workshops and 14000 knowledgeable technicians around the world and a growing network in India. The maintenance and preventive measure of Scania is cost-effective and keeps the bar of mechanical failures at its lowest level.
Scania’s workshops services focus on making the lives of customers and drivers easier and ensure ayou get the highest-quality advice. For this reason, Scania performs maintenance on complete vehicles.
The Scania repair and maintenance service makes sure that the Scania vehicles always perform at its best. It has a well-defined plan and accident repair approved by all reputable insurers. The effective vehicle services facilitate maximum uptime and minimum cost. Scania assistance service is a real-time support system. It is available 365 days-just one call and you get connected with a professional service coordinator who knows your Scania-and speaks your language. So if anything unexpected happens, there’s always someone at the end of the line who can guide you through.

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The moment you enter one of our workshops, you’ll understand why Scania technicians are very special people. Our experts will solve any problem you throw at them – and suggest improvements you hadn’t thought about, or knew were even possible.

“Fantastic way of celebrating skills”

“The ultimate goal for Scania workshops in Dellhi is to provide services that support customers’ business,” “This in turn requires a highly proficient service staff. Our Top Team is a fantastic way of celebrating the brains, technological skills and teamwork that characterise the people who work in the front line every day.”

True to Scania’s continuous improvement philosophy, OurTop Team has developed from a national training event 25 years ago into today’s global training programme. The last, and ninth such event at an international level, was bigger than ever.