Transport is experiencing one of the biggest shifts in its history. Our business landscape is more disruptive than ever, with new technologies and business models emerging all the time.

At Scania we’re responding to these changes with significant investments in technology for sustainable transport solutions that are viable today, while also developing the autonomous, electrified and connected transport technologies of tomorrow.

Premium travel should leave passengers relaxed and rested. From the moment they board till the moment they arrive, every detail should be a comfortable luxury. For bus operators, this luxury must be balanced with return on investment and operating  economy. With Scania, you don’t need to compromise. Scania Metrolink is a multi-purpose, medium and long-distance coach developed for the premium market. It delivers market-leading total Operating Economy (TOE) built on fuel efficiency, maximal uptime and enduring residual value. For passengers, Scania Metrolink provides the highest levels of comfort and safety. This adds up to a premium experience that doesn’t just take customers to their destination, it bring them back time and again.

With the P-series trucks you get a low weight cab with great visibility and drivability that is well balanced to suit your specific needs. The P-series is our most versatile cab range, ideal for urban and regional operations and well-proven for construction and other demanding conditions.

Best driver ergonomics in its class

Urban driving involves many starts and stops, repeated climbing in and out of the cab, and the constant need to keep track of other vehicles and pedestrians around the truck while driving. This may be both stressful and challenging. The new Scania P-series is renowned for being handy in many different applications and operations. Entrance to the cab is low, with convenient handles that make it easy to climb in and out. The driver sits high and has a good view of the traffic ahead.
My daytime office

A premium working cab with easy access, incredible storage options and world-class resting possibilities. The cab and cab suspension have been totally redesigned, reducing vibrations to create a quiet driving environment. With an optimised dashboard and on-board entertainment, life on the road just got even more comfortable.

Uncompromising strength

Our powerful and fuel-efficient trucks are legendary. The entire 7-, 9- and 13-litre engine ranges feature Scania´s efficient SCR technology, which reduces environmental impact and fuel consumption without compromising strength.
The new 7-litre engines are lighter, making them perfect for urban environments. The range offers great performance and driveability together with fuel savings of up to 10 percent.

Lower engine tunnel

The 7-litre engine makes the engine tunnel a whole 95 mm lower than in a regular P-cab, improving cross-cab access and creating a more spacious interior feel. It is a great choice when operating in dense traffic which necessitates access for entry and exit through the passenger door.